Monday, August 25, 2014

Miguel Poot and Nicholas Cage!

This week was phenomenal!!!
Miguel Poot was baptized yesterday! The service was amazing! After he was baptized we asked him to share his testimony. He has just a budding testimony but it is so powerful. It gives me goosebumps. He is so sincere. I love that man a lot...
The Greenies are so much fun!
They have so much energy I love it!
The Spanish branch missionaries are nervous, but excited. Elder Bertola is super fun he graduated from high school 2 months ago! Elder Frodsham is super chill. And Hermana Steiner is fun too. Elder Rasmussen seems to be doing really well, he plays piano really well! He is 20 and went to two years of college at BYU before the mission.
They are all super quiet, i wonder if I was that awkward when i was a greenie... probably hahaha
Its fun to see how far ive come, cuz a lot of the time i still feel like a greenie. haha
Hermana Berrett is wonderful! I LOVE her! The three of us have so much fun!
The earthquake was a little bit scary. Hope everyone is ok.
We didn't have a lot of impact here. It just felt like i was sitting on a washing machine! haha it made my companions and i wake up.
Napa and Vallejo got hit hard. They spent all day on sunday cleaning up. The roads got cracked and everything.
We are super excited for MLC on Friday! Its gonna be fun!
Glad to hear you are having fun at school!
Hermana Hardy!!

Funny story- Yesterday we went to Stinson Beach for PDay and Nicolas Cage was there hanging with his son and his bodyguard. He rolled up in his Limo. We totally took a picture with him. All the Elders Shook his hand! As we walked away he says "I like those Mormon people"

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