Saturday, December 27, 2014


On Tuesday morning sister Alba called me and asked me to train a brand new missionary!
But I was already assigned to Followup train Hermana Gardner.
So guess what. Now I'm in a trio! And I'm doing both! Training and Followup training and I'm an STL at the same time. Wow. That's everything a sister could possibly be haha
It's crazy. When I told elder Despain "I'm training, and Followup training, at the same time," he was like "of course you are." Haha it was super sweet.

So. I forgot to tell you. In our zone. There are 9 sisters.
3 in st. Helena, 4 in Napa, and 2 in Sonoma. We are all Hermanas, spanish sisters...
And I am the only one over 4 months old in the mission field. Hahaha
So there is another STL, but she has only been out 4 months though. Hermana Titensor. Her first time being an STL and she is Followup training. And then hermana Vallejo is training, she's been out 4 months. And then Hermana Navarro is Followup training my baby girl she's been out 4 months too.
So I'm pretty much the mom of the zone haha
Of the 9 of us There are 3 natives too, that's pretty rare. And 5 greenies.
When we were walking out of the Christmas party I had all the sisters in our zone walking behind me in a single file line. President Alba goes "keep up little ducklings, follow your mama!"
Hahahahahahahaha it was so funny. So president is very aware that he put me in charge of all the sisters in the Zone hahaha
I'm teaching them so much! It's so much fun! Like how to work the phone, how to work the iPads, how to mop the floors haha it's funny how many of them are learning these things for the first time. a lot of these greenies are zachs age, straight out of high school. They call me all the time. We are in exile but we are always on the phone with the other missionaries, so I feel like they're close haha

New address:

Also. I'm broken, I can't eat white people food any more. I have literally been sick to my stomach for the last week. If it's not beans and rice I can't digest it any more... Geez.

Also I don't remember if I told you this already. But in our stake I built up this reputation that sister missionaries sing haha so I would sing at baptisms with my companions. And then for this Night in Bethlehem thing this lady asked around and like 4 members referred us to her haha and then I was getting transferred to st. Helena the branch president asked us to sing in sacrament this Sunday hahahaha don't worry, I still sing, all the time

At the chapel hill branch Christmas party I had a family tell me "sister, you have to tell us where you get transferred so we can move there" haha it was so cute.

So this last week we had the all mission Christmas party! I finally got to see Elder Dunlap! For the first time in 9 months! It was so fun! We finally got all caught up. Oh I love that guy. And I got to see Hermana Akre, Hermana Hancock, Elder Sabin, Elder Teran, Elder Jeske, elder stuart, elder packer Dean it was so fun! Elder Dunlap has this cute little spanish accent when he speaks in Spanish now. His spanish is super good! He is still not confident. At all. But I think this transfer will be good for him, he is gonna be a DL for the first time and the senior companion. His new comp has only been out 3 months! It's like practice for training haha
I didn't sing at the Christmas devotional. I didn't have anything prepared and there's no one in this zone that plays piano so I just didn't want to. Plus Hermana Grant and Hermana Sommer and Hermana bowler all wanted to do something with me and I didn't want to hurt anyone feelings so I didn't do anything(:
Well. Allllllllllllllllll of my friends asked why I didn't sing haha
Everyone pretty much, it was kind of nice. They all miss my voice and my laugh haha
I was in the trainer meeting before the greenies got there. Sister Alba asked us "of all of the people you have met on your mission. Who has impacted you the most in who you are as a missionary?"
Hermana Akre said me! I wasn't even her trainer, just her companion!
And then we got around the circle and Hermana Vallejo said me too! I wasn't even one of her companions! I was her STL! It was so super sweet... I felt really loved. Sister Alba was so pleased with me haha
Hermana Sommer and Hermana Whiteley are home now! Ahhhhhhh!
So anyway, this was kind of a prideful email, sorry. But I tell you those stories cuz I want you to know I love this work. I am proud of who I am becoming. I think I'm even closer to the person God wants me to be.
Unfortunately I know God wants me to take care of my body and I haven't done that on my mission, when I get home I really want to focus on being healthy haha losing weight, eating stuff that's not fatty Mexican food, ya know hahaha 

Super excited to talk to you on Christmas!
If I call at 3:30 my time, that's 2:30 your time right?
Is that an ok time to do it? Or would you rather do it at night?
My companions are gonna call earlier in the day because Hermana Chambers family is on the east coast.

We'll probably be at the church again cuz we'll be in Napa all day for Christmas. I'll ask the other missionaries where they are planning on going, but the church is the most convenient.

Sorry I was on earlier than had to go to Rosa!

Love you!
Hermana Hardy