Monday, September 1, 2014

Emergency Transfer!

I got ET'd!
So Hermana Wilcox tore her ACL a couple months back and finally got it
checked out and needs to go home to get surgery! And since she is
already so close to the end of her mission, she doesn't get to come
And my companionship was the only trio in the mission right now, so
one of us had to go, and I had been in that area the longest, so they
kicked me out...
So now I am in Napa. On Tuesday President and Sister Alba came to our
district meeting to tell me... On Friday we had MLC. That was fun, but
I'm not an STL any more(: so I don't have to teach at zone meeting
haha and and then yesterday we drove up to Napa after church (I didn't
get to say goodbye to everybody! I was super bummed! I thought I was
gonna have 6 months!) and got to go to a baptism! And then I stayed.
So I haven't even unpacked yet. We are driving up to Santa Rosa today
to drop Hermana Wilcox off!
And yes, I am at the earthquake epicenter!

So here is my new address:
1260 Trower ave
Napa, CA 94558

You guys were talking about sending me a package a little while ago, I
hope you didn't already send it!
Like I said, I was bummed, but now that I'm here, I love it! There are
a TON of missionaries here that I have served with before! It was
super sweet because Elder Sabin told me "Everyone said Hermana
Wickline (one of my companions) was gonna be the one getting ET'd, but
I had faith you would come Hermana Hardy"
And then Hermana Grant said the same thing, "I just felt like we were
gonna be companions"
It was super sweet.
I felt so loved.
I can't believe I was actually an answer to some peoples prayers. I
know through this ET that I was supposed to be here right now(:
It was just crazy, I didn't get to say goodbye to everybody!
And YES! I was privileged to get to help my brother in Christ in the
waters of baptism. It is not my baptism. It is the lords baptism. But
I was so happy to be there for it!
Miguel is wonderful! He is gonna do great things! He got baptized and
then told us he couldn't get work off to be confirmed, Elder Merrell
(my DL) talked to him and gave him a blessing. He had a new found
determination and HE CAME TO CHURCH! It was amazing!
So my life has been crazy but also I've been so blessed.
Hermana Harris, my old companion, is my roommate now! And she is
serving with Hermana Whiteley who we served with in San Rafael!
And I served with Hermana Grant in San Raf and now she is my companion! Haha

So anyway, that was my week. Sorry I couldn't tell you sooner!
But here I am, in Napa. IT is GORGEOUS! I didn't know it was gonna be so pretty!

Sounds like you guys had a fun week! Full of concerts and uncle thane visiting!
It is still hot here. Too hot for me. I can't wait for winter. It's
SEPTEMBER already???
On sept 11th I hit my 9 MONTH MARK? That's crazy! I'm almost half way
done! Wow...
This transfer is gonna fly by! It's like a baby one cuz I got
transferred in the middle of the transfer haha
Well love you all!
Hope you are doin good!
Miss ya!
Con Amor
Hermana Hardy

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