Monday, September 29, 2014


Transfers tomorrow! We found out on Friday. Hermana Grant is leaving to St Helena (like 15 minutes away, same zone) And my new companion is Hermana Akre, coming from St Helena. We just did like a little switchy. So we are essentially one BIG companionship haha 
Elder Perry and Elder Sabin are now going to be co-district leaders. Anddd I get to be an STL again! Yay! I'm super excited! I LOVE being an STL.
But i think the best part about Transfers...
Elder Randall was my Zone Leader is San Raf! The one from Spokane?
I am so pumped to serve with him again!
So transfers are tomorrow. And then MLC is on Wednesday, so I get to spend the night in SANTA ROSA! i am so excited! I get to go proselyte in my old area! My family that Hermana Bryant and I taught in January just got baptized a week or two ago, So i want to go visit them! And now I can speak spanish! Yayyyyyyy!
Oh i am so happy!
Last saturday night was the General Womens Conference. Did you get to listen to it yet? It was really good. All the ladies talked about making covenants. But President Uchtdorf's talk was phenomenal!!! It was so so good. 
Are you guys excited for Conference this weekend too? I am! Its like missionary christmas! haha This year they are letting everyone speak in their native language and they are gonna have english subtitles! Cool huh? That has got to be so much easier for all the poor speakers who dont speak english.
Well, I hope you guys get to watch conference! I know you wont regret it!
I wish you the best of luck this weekend! Itll hopefully be busy!
Wendy sent me lots of picture this week! Fall looks so beautiful!
The leaves havent changed colors here yet! haha
I love you so much!
Hermana Hardy!

Zone pick last district meeting together!

This week our branch was weekly planning at the church. The elders
found the Boy Scout closet full of PVC pipes and nerd bullets! They
invaded our classroom and attacked us! Hahah which resulted in a full
of war. We won(:
Form left to right
Me, Hermana Whiteley, Hermana Grant, Elder Perry, Elder Angilau, Elder
Sabin, a Elder Minhondo (in front) and Hermana Harris!

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