Sunday, August 24, 2014

8 Months Today!

Haha so I was like "National geographic is at my house today, huh."
And Elder Randall says "yeah, my house too."
I was like "really?"
He's like "no."
The other missionaries get super excited about it. I bet if I was in a
white ward and told people about it, that they might actually look it
up. Spanish branch people don't really watch TV in English hahaha
So is she a good vet? Did she help you with your handling?

8 months today. Holy cow. That's how old Hermana Bryant was in the
mission when she trained me! Scary thought. She's almost home now!
I really do like to hear what is going on at home, thank you for
sharing everything with me. Like you said, we have always shared
everything! So it drives me crazy when they tell me what to write
home... But that's ok.
I'm glad to hear everything is going ok. I just wish I was there to help.
I want to be here too, it's a hard knock life haha
I LOVE my mission. I really do. But I'll also be super happy to be
home again in 10 more months.
A month from today I will be half way done with my mission!!! Where
did the time go?
September 13th is gonna be a great day! My family that I found and
taught in Santa Rosa, Carolina Fonseca and her kids Aidan, Jonathon,
and Lizbeth, are getting baptized on that day! I hope I get to stay
close to Rosa so I can go to the baptism! And Miguel MIGHT be getting
baptized on the 23rd of August, we need to have a serious talk with
him tonight to make sure he is really really ready and not just doing
it for his girlfriend.... So that's what we are gonna do(:
And on the 13th of September, the Arreaga family is getting baptized!
They are a golden family that Elder Jeske has been teaching, he taught
them with Elder Phillips and now with Elder Minkler. I was there their
first day at church! So I feel a special bond with them... And Elder
Phillips is serving close enough to San Rafael that he can come back
for the baptism!!!!!
So that's super exciting!
Lots of miracles happening over here!
We find out transfer doctrine on Friday. I'm super nervous! I don't
know if they will let me stay 6 months! But I hope so.
Sounds like a crazy week! But I love you, you guys are always in my prayers!
Talk to you soon!
Hermana Hardy

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