Tuesday, July 8, 2014

6/23/14 Interviews

Wow! It sounds like a lot has been going on at home!
I am so jealous that ERIC got to hike the glacier! and go to the Musk Ox farm! AND GO RAFTING???? I am so glad to see that he is having fun(: 
MAN! Camden's bday party looks so fun!  The whole family together!!! And Jada is getting baptized! yayyy! That is sooo exciting!
Yes! This week I got the other skirts and shirts! They are super cute! And the MOTAB CDs I got a while ago, we LOVE them!
How is Packer doing? We had interviews with President Alba this last week, and he asked me about Packer(: And Elder Waite haha
Ok, when I read your email earlier this week I was SO HAPPY!
This is the beginning of week 5, so not this coming up friday but the friday after (4th of July) we find out who goes and who stays! I can't believe it is already so close! This transfer is just flying by! I am loving it! I pray every day that Hermana Kaiser, Hermana Sommer and I will get another 6 weeks together... but I don't think so:(
 So this last Thursday we had interviews with President. That was SO good! I missed President and Sister Alba so much! It was really good to talk to them. Both of them told me they are so proud of me, and that they only hear good things about me from the other missionaries. And they are both really impressed with my leadership skills. It was awesome(: And I had my whole interview with President IN SPANISH! Last time we had interviews, President scolded me and said I needed to be better (I had only been on my mission 8 weeks at that point) but this time he said my spanish was really good! So that made me feel a TON better!
Also, the last time we had interviews, Elder Waite was asking President for permission to extend his mission... that was a while ago!
So let me tell you about this MIRACLE we had yesterday!
So we went to a scheduled appointment with this guy named Ernesto. We knocked his door and this teenage kid answered. And he told us Ernesto is his uncle and that he doesnt actually live there. (RUDE!) But we asked if we could share a video with Kevin. We shared Because of Him, and it really touched him. He asked us "Do you think God, would really fogive some one like me?" It brought tears to my eyes. It was such a sweet sincere question...
He went on to tell us he was 16 years old, on probation, addicted to weed (but trying to stop, he knows it is not good for you) and has a 16 year old pregnant girlfriend. Their baby is due in December. So he is working his tail off this summer to be able to afford a baby and everything it needs. He has already picked out names. It was super sweet. I was so proud of him for stepping up and taking that responsibility instead of ditching the girl, or running away. And he has the goal that he and his girlfriend are both gonna finish High School too.
It is really amazing to see so much potential in someone like that. He has done everything. He has hit rock bottom. And he is really rising from those ashes. We are gonna go see him on Thursday. I am super excited to help Kevin, I know the gospel will bless his life. The best part is, he does too. He wants to raise his baby going to church, because he has been the difference in his life when he goes to church and when he doesn't. How cool huh?
And if we would have gone there, asked for Ernesto, realized he didn't live there and left- we never would have met Kevin! He wouldn't have told us about his life! It was amazing.
So yesterday night we also had a BBQ in the park with a member, Alma Jara, for dinner. And Hermana Amabilia brought these two kids she babysits. SO. CUTE! I took pictures with them! I love them! Ricardo, the little 2 year old, told me he wanted some ice cream, but I didn't have any money (Plus it was Sunday) but these other random people bought ice cream for him. It was super nice! They asked me "Is he your son?"
And I was like "Noooo! I am a missionary!" 
And they were really impressed that all of us missionaries were helping take care of these little mexican children, so they bought ice cream for all the kids. It was super sweet!
Yesterday was an amazing day. Probably my favorite day all week. 
Oh yeah! Tuesday was super good too though! 
So I taught in District Meeting for our district (In Spanish) and we were talking about what type of things might stop us from being diligent, so I cut out paper swords, and we wrote on the swords all our fears and then buried them outside in the dirt like the Anti-Nephi-Lehies! It was really cool!!!!(: And fun!
This week district meeting is gonna be awesome. District Leader Phillips and I are working together, because AP Greenwood is coming! 
So it has to be super good!
Today we are playing the World Cup! For Pday! Soccer! 
So the Zone Leaders assigned teams and countries, there are a lot of costumes involved. We are excited(: hahaha
I will take lots of pictures! Promise!
Well I love you so much!
Have a great week!
I am LOVING my mission! Every day! 
Cant wait to hear from you!
Hermana Hardy!

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