Tuesday, July 8, 2014

6/30/14 Valleys and Peaks!

This was a wonderful week! We saw so many miracles!
On Tuesday we had a wonderful district meeting! Elder Phillips and I team taught and we were blessed with Zone Leader Sacco and AP Greenwood in attendance. We had fun, edified the missionaries, and learned a lot. I really loved it! That evening my companions saw miracles!
Wednesday was an emotionally draining day. That morning we taught a lesson to our progressing investigator Daniel. Between our last lesson and this one, he had found a bunch of Anti-Mormon material. It really broke our hearts to have that lesson with him. He was so close to knowing the truth! And then he took a U-turn the wrong direction.
Then a member of the branch offered to take us out to lunch, and while we were in the restaurant another one of our investigators came into the restaurant drunk. We walked him home to make sure he made it safely. Another heartbreaking encounter. And the day continued. It was really exhausting. But my companions and i were able to lift one anothers spirits. I really do love Hermana Sommer and Hermana Kaiser. I have learned so much from them this transfer. They have helped me form the type of leader and the type of missionary i want to be.
I really enjoyed MLC on Friday as well!
Elder Randall and Elder Sacco and I have big plans for our Zone Meeting on Tuesday! It will be amazing!
Saturday was another exhausting day because everywhere we went we were ignored. But we always come home at night exhausted, not defeated. My companions and I are really good at lifting each other up.
On Saturday night we had a miracle. We were walking around after a whole day of being ignored, and we were just praying we could teach a lesson that day. We were getting back in our car when we saw a family walking to the store so we contacted them and walked with them, then we started to turn back and saw another family. Then we contacted them. Then we saw a party in the apartment building next to us. We stood outside and contacted people as they came out of the party. Then a neighbor from upstairs ran downstairs with his dog, we asked if we could pet his dog. He said yes, we chatted for a while and then he invited us back to his apartment to share more! We got our lesson!
It was amazing! His name is Jacob. He is awesome.
He prayed "Lord, please bless these nice young ladies might get a day off, maybe a Tuesday"
It was super funny haha

So anyway, it sounds like you guys have had all sorts of crazy stuff going on at home!
I can't believe you have been so busy!
Hey I love you guys!
I hope you have a great week!
Transfers are THIS FRIDAY!
and thus ends the best transfer SO FAR!(:
Con Amor,
Hermana Hardy

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