Tuesday, July 8, 2014


And I'm STAYING!!!
It was not at all what any one expected. Hermana Sommerfeld is going
to Winters in Woodland, and Hermana Kaiser is leaving after only 6
weeks here. She is going to Rhonert Park. Not too far away.
Elder Phillips is leaving to Petaluma also, so we will see those two
at stake and zone things this transfer(: Elder Jeske and I are staying
together! At the end of this transfer it'll be 7 and 1/2 months that
we will have served together! Crazy!
Hermana Gonzalez is going to Fairfield! Her very first area! So it is
possible! Hahha
This was a great week!
Tuesday we had our last Zone Meeting all together. It was pretty good.
I taught about creativity. We played a fun game.

 Fourth of July was SO SO SO MUCH FUN,
We went to the Golden Gate Bridge with signs and handed out otter pops
hahaha how fun? People took pictures with us and of us and videos. We
waved to the buses driving by! It was amazing! Really, we met a TON of
people, and left a huge impression! Haha EVERYONE knew who we were.
Then that night we ate dinner with the Novato English elders and had
Apple Pie and hit dogs and hamburgers! American food!
On Saturday we met a guy named Bogden. He is crazy but he looks and
talks just like Gru from despicable me! Hahaha
Today we went out to lunch with the branch president. He is awesome.
I am super sad this transfer is coming to a close... We had SO much
fun! And I have made some friendships that will last forever. We
already planned the God Squad Reunion Road Trip!
My new companion that is coming in is named Hermana Wickline, I met
her once, she is coming from SANTA ROSA! So I'm sure we will have lots
to talk about. She is a transplant from Peru. She was only there 4 1/2
months so I think I am actually older than her in the mission,
Ahhhhh! My Spanish will get really good this transfer!
I'm nervous about all the changes... And I will be staying here in
Novato longer than I was in Rosa! It is like my new home. I love it.
But I am REALLY bummed this transfer is ending...
I'm excited for the next one. But my two companions are so great! I
will miss them so much!
Now I'll only have one companion again!
And I'm going to continue to be an STL(:
So anyway,
I have tons of journals to sign and I have to help my companions
finish packing...
I love you tons!
Hope you have a great week!
Sounds like last week was crazy! Hahah
Con amor,
Hermana Hardy

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