Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7/2014 On the verge of Greatness

Wow, this has been quite the week.
My teaching pool... Ok well
La Familia Vialleda (Magdlena and her two daughters) have a baptismal date for the 19th of May! They are amazing and so sweet, they can totally get baptized that soon!
La Familia Fonseca (Carolina and her 3 kids Elizabeth, Aidan, and Jonathon and she is pregnant!) are amazing. They don't have a baptismal date yet, but they come to church every sunday, they watched conference last sunday. When we teach them Carolina says "So WHEN Jonathon serves a mission" not IF haha They will get baptized, but Carolina wants to be really really ready. Because she actually understands that this is important and life changing.
La Familia Contreras (Eva, Jayr and their 3 daughters) Eva is having a hard time. She suffers with Post Natal Depression (I think that is what it is. Depressed after you have a baby) so we help her clean her house and things. The gospel has really helped her get out of this rut.
La Familia Pacheko (Victor and Zahira, they have the CUTEST son ever named Iker!) they have been invited to baptism and they just don't feel the urgency! They have been investigating the church for like 3 years. But we are the first missionaries to get them to read the book of Mormon! In three years!
La Familia Hernandez (Griselda, her husband and her 3 kids) Griselda has a lot of questions. She studies the scriptures really thoroughly. She came to church once and she didn't love it, because It was different. But she said she wants to come again. We love her. She is so beautiful! And fun! We stayed over at her house to help her make dinner for her kids a couple times, we love her.
Then individuals..
Fatima. She is 12. She is our ward mission Leader's daughter.
Anna and Anthony are 15, Anthony moved out of his parents house and is living with his girlfriend Anna. We met them one night and HE asked US if he could be baptized! He is sweet! The gospel is really gonna bless his life, we just started teaching them this week.
And Juan, he is a super sweet single guy who has done all sorts of research on So he has a lot of questions for us, and he is really patient when we don't always have the answers haha

And a couple others. But that's most of our teaching pool.
They are all amazing! I love them so much!!!
 I know we are about to see amazing things in our mission!
Conference could not have been timed better.
I LOVED the Saturday morning session.
Elder Holland talked about how we will be called upon to "Defend the Faith"
There were 2 talks about the "Shafts in the Whirlwind" I really like Elder Ronald A. Rasband's of the 70.
I watched the Saturday afternoon session in Spanish haha
The Sunday morning session was really good too. I have really come to rely on the Lord during times of hardship. Like right now.
The Lord's work is hastening, and the adversary is not happy about it.
Elder Waite is an exemplary missionary. He is such a good example to me. He is very charitable, and charity is the true love of Christ. He is under a lot of stress right now, with going home and being in charge of a Zone in Santa Rosa, but he is an amazing person. I am so excited he is going to be working at our house this summer!
This year I got more out of Conference than I ever had before! It was so good! I would encourage you to reread the talks when you get the chance(:
I am so happy to be here on my mission at this time. Hermana Bryant and I have seen so many miracles and blessings in our area! We are teaching so many people right now!
But it is a hard time. For everyone. It sounds like you are having a hard time back home too. But I want you to know I love you! Your Heavenly Father loves you. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that he does answer our prayers. He is mindful of you. And I know that when you need his comfort and counsel the most, he will send his Angels to minister unto you.
You are amazing mom. You are such a good example to me. You enjoy life more when you focus on the best parts. I can attest to that. This session of Conference was such a good one! I have a new found resolve, to repent, to be better, to be a better disciple of Christ and follow his example.
I have amazing missionaries here in my Zone that I can rely on in times of need.
This Friday we find out who moves and who stays for transfers, and then next Wednesday we actually do the swap. After next Wednesday, Elder Waite has 30 days left on his mission! Hopefully he gets to stay here in Santa Rosa!
I love my mission. I love this work. I love all the missionaries here.
I know with the Lord's help, I can endure to the end. The end of this trial. And the beginning of something great.
We are "on the verge of greatness"- (The Vow(: )
I can feel it!
So this is just an Example of how amazing my friends are.
Hermana Bryant and I were having a hard time the other night, we asked these three Elders for Priesthood blessings. At the end they asked us "What else can we do for you?"
And Hermana Bryant said she wanted an interpretive dance to Silk (one of the alarm sounds on the Ipad)
So they made this for us during companionship study the next day!! hahaha
They are so great.

Elder Sean Despain is in the front! (From my MTC district)
Elder William Wright in the middle
And Elder Eric Mathusek in the back

These three Elders are so. dang. funny haha

 In one of the packages I sent to Lauren, we put in photo booth props, hoping to get some more photos..I got this..this week.

 This we service day, and they got service tshirts! All matchy n' stuff.

Jumping in the rain. Lauren and her companion.


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