Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Area!

Woohoo! I'm here in Novato! My second area! I survived! haha
Oh my gosh, I am loving all these baby reindeer pics you are sending me mom!
Our new place is great, we live in an apartment with paper thin walls and grouchy neighbors. I actually have 2 new companions! I ended up being in a trio! 
Hermana (Aubrey) Harris is great! She is the Dragon Warrior haha she is sooo funny! and loving! she is a lot like Po from Kung Fu Panda haha
And Hermana (Hailey) Summerfeld. She spent the first 10 months of her mission in Chile and then had to go home because she had asthma. She was home for 3 months and now she is reassigned to Cali! 
So my new companions are great! We have so much fun!
Yes there are 4 companionships in this branch just like Rosa, 
Elder Jeske (From Santa Rosa!) With Elder Phillips,
Elder Campbelle (District Leader) with Elder Sabin
Hermana Gonzalez, and Hermana Whitely
And then us three(:
They are really nice and fun too!
So we kind of live on an island... we live in Novato, which is like 20 minutes away from San Rafael where the rest of our Zone is haha and all our dinners are and the church is... 
It is kind of cool here, because we have an all spanish district, so our district meetings are 100% in spanish. Its sweet. That'll help me pick up the language really well.
Easter was great!
Did you see the #becauseofhim movement on Facebook? Hahah I was pretty excited I got to be a part of that! We were the mass hit on Youtube, and it was trending on Facebook! It was sweet!
Hopefully you guys got the chance to go to mormon.org/becauseofhim this weekend because it has a BEAUTIFUL video! I loved it.
This branch is sweet. It is bigger than the White Ward that meets here! Sad! But it is not as big as the branch in Santa Rosa. For Easter Dinner... well, nobody signed up to feed us. So we had to make our own dinner. All of us missionaries met up here at the church haha 
we made rice, and quesadillas and orange chicken, and microwavable veggies, and chocolate chip cookies and had a feast! hahah it was fun!
My companion Hermana Harris drives, she is the Senior Companion. I finally got Facebook! But I can only check it if we have time.
Yes I keep my same Ipad my whole mission. Yes, I can CHECK my email every day, but I can only write back on Pdays! I am seriously loving all these pictures you send me!(:
That is super cool that Bill Collins is doing that video thing, it sounds sweet.
Sorry you've all been sick! And good luck with the play! It sounds like itll be quite the miracle to pull off! haha I'm sure itll be great though! Did Zach ever get that letter I sent to him? Yeah! That job sounds like answer to prayers! Holy cow! Congrats Zach!
Yes, It was quite the adventure trying to get everything to my new place haha but we did it!

My new Address is
1514 Hill Road Apt#49
Novato, CA 94947

So I hope I answered all of your questions~
I really am loving it out here!
I have really developed a strong testimony this last week of my Savior Jesus Christ, that he really is my Redeemer. That he suffered and died for me, so that I could have second chances. A clean slate. So that even when I mess up, I can be forgiven, repent, and try again. Because of him, every day is an opportunity to be better, to become more Christ like.
I am so grateful for that. 
Thank you mom!
For always supporting me and being there for me!
Good luck with all the baby reindeer!
It sounds like a handful over there hahaha


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