Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14 Transfered!!

I'm getting TRANSFERED!
oh boy. I was sad.
So Friday day was Weekly Planning day, so we planned the whole week as if I was staying and Hermana Bryant was leaving.
All the missionaries in the Branch and in the Zone said I was for sure staying, they wouldn't White Wash our area when it was doing so good.
So Friday night we bought milkshakes, we got the voicemail and we listened...
oh we were both shocked.
We worked SO HARD to get this area kick started. And now we are leaving...
On Saturday I got your Smile Tower!(: Thank you so much by the way. Everything was delicious! It has been our comfort food all weekend!
Saturday morning we cleaned Jose's car again with the Elders. It was so sad! We were gonna get broken up! We are like family now! and then that night we had our run through for the fireside.
And then Sunday was hard.
It was our last Sunday in our branch. All the members were so sad we were leaving! Hermana Bryant told me usually Greenies don't have that big of an impact on their first area. But I love them all so much! They made me promise to come back and visit! Several Members pulled me aside and told me how proud they were of me and how much they have seen me grow...
It was so sad. They're all like "But, now you know Spanish!" hahaha
Then of course last night was the Fireside!
It was SOOO good! We had even more people than the last time! It was just beautiful. Everyone loved it. This time was weird cuz they like recorded the whole thing, and everyone clapped between songs haha
OK, so Elder Eaton was our AP (Assistant to the President) that just went home like 2 weeks ago. He knows like EVERYONE in the mission. He came back with his family yesterday for the Fireside! He got to sing with us in front of everybody! (: And he brought his blonde family to the Spanish branch, it was pretty funny haha
So his mom after the fireside grabbed me and Sister Clawson and Sister Henrichson and said "Let me send a picture to your moms! I loved when members did that for me when Christian was on his mission!"
And then we all laughed.... haha. Christian haha
So anyway, that was Elder Eaton's mom. She is so nice! I'm glad you got it!!(:

Yeah. so it was an emotional week. We are packing up today.
Oh I don't think I told you where we are going!
I am going to Navato in San Rafael!
I know I don't sound very excited, but if I could pick anywhere to go if would have been San Rafael! And Elder Jeske is coming with me!!:D
I am so excited! It took me a couple days, but I am excited now! I am going to LOVE Navato. The branch there is great! It is right on the ocean! It's beautiful! Oh I am so pumped.
And Hermana Bryant is going to Rio Vista.
I'm just sad because I love Santa Rosa so much...
But I guess it is good. Because that means I am doing it right! I am leaving my heart and soul here in Santa Rosa, and we are definitely leaving this area better than when we found it.
I think we gave it a good kick start ahah Next transfer Hermana Hooten is coming and training a Greenie. That Greenie is so lucky haha
So yeah.
Pretty much our whole week was being anxious about transfers and then being sad after haha
We hav FHE tonight with our branch, so I'm gonna take pictures with all my favorite families for sure!
I have some pics to send you think week too.
Yes, I can see the Williams Reindeer Farm Page, I am totally getting my own FACEBOOK in like a week! Sorry about the babies so far, did Kim end up with the 2nd baby? Sven(: haha
Jake Player already got called in AUGUST? That is so far away! Zach better get jiggy with it. haha I am so proud of him by the way.
I just asked Elder Waite, he said he would love to tour guide once a week or fill in whenever you need him. He is totally cool for working 6 days a week but he REALLY doesn't want to work Sundays. He is good with people too, so I'm sure people would love him haha. He was asking me about Transportation? He asked if I thought he could bike everywhere hahaha I guess so.
Sorry Cam is sick. Sounds like a fun visit with Uncle Thane!
Some beach Volleyball!

This guy makes these things. I guess he has all different sizes and kinds and the really work! We thought it was so cool, we went up and knocked on his door to talk to him about it!

Holding the California flag.

Companions forever! or until Wednesday.
Mourning Denali the moose.



 Brothers! Have been with these two since day one, at the MTC. I will miss them so much!


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