Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday Week for Companion

Unfortunately you were in the lame part of Cali. With traffic, and too many people, and its too hot there. Northern California! That's where its at! Hahah its still only in the 70s 80s. But its getting warmer every day. Today I am going shopping for some nice Tshirts/ Blouses cuz I wear sweaters with all my outfits right now.
How cow! Congrats Hunter! That's awesome! Tell Brother Bigelow, its the best mission in the world. No kidding. And yes, its all mine haha
Ummm Poor Autumn! Yeah I loved Mexico for 6 weeks, but I would have been happy to stay there for 4 weeks and call it good, definitely not two years! haha
Yeah this was a crazy week.
So Tuesday we had interviews with President Alba and Sister Alba. I guess we have them every other transfer. I was really down and discouraged that day, but its ok. I got over it. I was just super stressed out because we had Exchanges the next day and President Alba said I should know more spanish haha On Wednesday I had to lead out our Area with 2 English sisters following me around. That was exactly what I needed! It totally boosted my confidence again! So I'm doing good. I taught like 3 lessons that day by myself 100% in Spanish. Thursday I got Hermana Bryant back and we just saw lots of miracles. We have been teaching a lot of lessons! And meeting a ton of new people!
Friday was Hermana Bryant's Birthday! Our elders are so nice to her! She turned 20! We had weekly planning all day, but we wanted to have a Weekly Planning Pazookie Pancake Party. So we tried to make pancakes, but we failed. haha the first attempt tasted like celery. So then the Elders made pancakes for us instead haha Elder Albertson tried to make an airplane, it didn't turn out. Elder Wright made Mickey Mouse pancakes for us hahah
And Elder Wright made us a Pazookie because he owed us. We helped him our with his baptism a couple weeks ago, so he said he would make us a Pazookie. it was super good! Then Elder Jeske and Elder Debora showed up. They had to drive half an hour from their house to the Church where we all were. They made a Red Velvet cake! and bought balloons! And sticky noted our car! And they got her a present.. and Abercrombie bag with a picture of a shirtless man on it. It was soooo funny! Oh it was such a great day! Then we went to dinner at Sazon! Jose our less active owns the restaurant and said we could eat there on a Friday night for Hermana Bryant's birthday!
So then Saturday happened. Saturday was a super weird day. Hermana Bryant woke up with a Migraine so she slept through studies. And she still wasn't feeling great but we went to do service at Jose's house. Apparently Elder Wright has a car detailing business at home, so he taught us all how to do it and we had a huge missionary car wash in Jose's driveway haha it was awesome! We like buffed it (is that the right word) and everything. it was so clean it was like looking in  a mirror. It was a great service project haha So Jose treated us all to Sazon (all 7 of us) for lunch! Oh yeah, there was 7 of us. Hermana Bryant, me, Elder Albertson, Elder Dunlap, Elder Wright, Elder Mathusek and their new companion.. .ELDER DESPAIN! From my MTC district?? Whaaat? What are the odds that 3/5 of us would go to Santa Rosa and be in the same branch! hahahah its crazy! His companion had to go home to have a back surgery, he couldn't walk :( So he got ETed (emergency transferred) to Santa Rosa! Yay! Super fun! So after lunch we did a blitz in the Elders Area (where everyone in our branch goes to one area to proselyte for 1-2 hours) So we saw more miracles! Then we went to dinner at the Vasquez family's house... she fed us this soup stuff, I think it is called Pasole. We've had it before... but when Hermana Vasquez makes it... she makes it with Pig Feet. So yes father, all 9 of us missionaries have eaten Pig's Feet now...
Then it was wonderful Sunday! We had church, there was a lady that came that doesn't speak Spanish and her husband asked if I could translate for her. So I did. All of Gospel Principles and Relief Society!!! I was so nervous but I did it! At the end of two hours though my head was killing me! Then we had dinner at the Escamia's. They made a nice American meal. Mashed Potatoes. BBQ chicken. We haven't had a meal like that In a long time haha And then they called it "Kentucky" style salad. Its just lettuce, corn, and mayonnaise! It was soooo good! And then cake and ice cream for dessert. Then we did BOOGA BOOGA!! its something the Escamias do with all the missionaries. You are not allowed to tell any one until they have done it too and they are in the club. So for all 9 of us missionaries it was our first time doing it! We are all initiated now! So I might have to teach you guys when I get home. It was so funny. I am totally doing it to the missionaries when I get home hahaha Next Sunday we are gonna try to get President and Sister Alba to come so we can make them do it too! hahaha
And then last night we had practice for the musical fireside from 6:30-9. at the mission home. I am super excited. It is going to be amazing! The Elders in our branch are mad cuz we roped them into singing haha. I am singing Down To the River. It's a MOTAB song if you want to look it up. And the Olive Tree of course:)
So yeah. it was a crazy week here in California. This week I am leading our area for like 3 days. We are doing back to back exchanges! I'm nervous! But I'm sure it'll be fine! I'll survive!
Anyway, I love you guys!


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