Monday, March 3, 2014

First Transfer!

Hey sorry I don't have a lot of time this week, we have to leave early because there is some crazy stuff happening today.
This week is Transfers, officially the end of my first transfer. We found out on Friday who was staying and who was going. Hermana Bryant and I are staying together in Santa Rosa! Yay! Some of our friends are leaving, but that's ok. Part of missionary life. Elder Dunlap and Elder Albertson are staying. Elder Stuart is leaving! He is one of our favorites!
So because we are in Santa Rosa we have to house extra sisters this week with transfers. Some sisters are going home, so their companions have to stay with us, Some sisters are training new greenies so they have to stay with us too. Its gonna be nuts. Things will get back to normal and everyone will be back to living with the right people by Thursday or Friday this week haha
Umm, I am crying I am laughing so hard. I am so excited about the vests on the Reindeer haha that is too dang funny! hahahahhaha Yes I recognized most of the reindeer in the pictures :)
I am glad that Reindeer Party was fun! And those Cowgirls sound great! haha
I am so super glad that you got my letter on your birthday! I hope you enjoyed it. I took a bunch!
I am doing fine, I don't need anything haha we just got more money because it is a new month. So don't worry about me:) I have target! ahhaa
Also, the STL's had training this week because it is the last week of the transfer so Hermana Bryant and Hermana Vance had to go to training all day. So I hung out with Hermana Vance's companion all day. And Hermana Vance's companion is... HERMANA HUNT! oh it was so fun!!! We had such a blast! It was pouring rain outside and we got soaked but we had a lot of fun! I loved seeing her again!
So I want to tell you about one of the miracles we had this week!
Wow what a week we had! I had the awesome opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's Hands yet again!
Last Sunday, I was on splits with the Windsor Sisters when a member from their ward called. She had a friend she had wanted the missionaries to visit, but she specifically requested sisters. The Windsor Sisters didn't have the miles to drive all the way to Stony Point, but I happened to be in the Car. So I volunteered that Hermana Bryant and I could introduce her to the English Elders. So we went to visit Laurie. We had an amazing lesson. Laurie is less active, and her husband and her two teenage nephews are not LDS. And her sister Terri that lives with her is not LDS either. We went and they were very interested in the gospel! Terri's daughter was in the other room because she didn't want to talk to missionaries. Terri's daughter is in a custody battle for her children, she needs 5 senators to support her so she can plead her case, and while we were in their house the 4th senator called and told her he would support her. He was from Utah. Wow! There are no coincidences! Also, there was a man that knocked at the door and wanted to install a security system, but Laurie told him she had a lot of company so he couldn't come in. Hermana Bryant and I went back Saturday night with the Elders to introduce them. Laurie told us the next day they saw the same man on the news. He had been breaking into houses with a gun and holding people hostage and shooting a few. Wow. What are the odds? I know the Lord was protecting his missionaries and his children that day. Laurie and Terri both came to church yesterday. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands and see so many miracles in this work.
It was amazing!
So today we have to pick up some sisters to take home to our apartment. And we have a meeting with Sister Alba about the Musical Fireside (we are working on doing an Easter Program this next transfer!)
At the Beach
Favorite Quote of the week what we saw on a sign on the streets of California.
"Don't be afraid to try something new. Remember an amateur built the ark, and professionals built the Titanic."
Sweet huh?
"I stand all Amazed at what it means to be a missionary in this church today" -Jeffrey R. Holland
Love that one


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