Monday, November 17, 2014

Trainer Hermana

I'm staying!!!!
A brand new missionary form the MTC! Ahhhhhh! I'm not super nervous,
just excited.
So Hermana Akre is going to Davis.
Hermana Whiteley is training AGAIN! So Hermana Hancock is whitewashing
into Novato(my last area)! I'm writing her a crash course survival
guide haha
Hermana Wickline emailed me today. She found out she has Chrone disease:(
Tomorrow is my 11 month mark! Ahhhh!
I didn't know Aunt Ann lived in Michigan? What part? Have I ever met her? Haha
Elder Perry (my DL) is from Detroit.
Yeah! Next week I can email all my compys!
Hermana Sommerfeld, used to be my companion. She is coming to our
zone! I'm gonna be her STL! Ahhhhh! Exciting!

Funny stories...
Our branch did a trunk or treat with the ward. Hermana Akre and I
bought some construction paper and decorated our car really quick. We
thought it was super lame. We drew eyes and teeth on him. Everybody
LOVED it. We had some moms tell us "I saw that on Pinterest" hahahhaha
Ours was one of the top 3 cars (all top three from the Spanish branch)
the white ward didn't even decorate their cars! Laaaame!
Box troll, do you know what that is? Like the new movie?
Christian Corro dressed up like a box troll for Halloween. He told me
I was oils from the movie, I don't know what that means haha
Also, the other day Hermana Akre and I were walking along and saw an
egg carton full of guavas with a sign that said "free guavas" and
instructions on how to eat them. SO funny! I wish I would have taken a
picture. He just took some guavas haha
Yesterday was Hermano Julian Arezates baptism! It was a beautiful
service! Almost the entire branch was in attendance. It was so great.
I love that man!
And that was our week.
Hermano Rico (Rich) Hamilton just got called to be the ward clerk.
He's a white guy. He is like our best friend haha he is always with
the missionaries. His wife is jealous. So we go over and visit her too
Love ya!
Crazy exciting busy week!
Yes! I LOVE this work!
Tomorrow I am going to be in Rosa! I'll see my family! Yay!
Hermana Hardy

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