Sunday, November 9, 2014

Emotional Roller Coaster

Its been just a crazy up and down and all around week.

We carved pumpkins for Pday! It was super fun.
Tuesday we had district meeting (I LOVE our District Leaders, they are so much fun!)
And then Tuesday night Hermana Akre was sick (she has Celiac and she ate some gluten on accident:(
Wednesday was good, normal work day.
Thursday was weekly planning because we had MLC on Friday!
So on Friday i was a mess...
We had MLC in Rosa, i was super excited about it, but when I got there Hermana Wickline was there.
I was super confused and I was like "Hey! What are you doing here?"
She gave me a hug and said "I love you, goodbye."
She is going home early. :( She left on Friday to the Airport.
She was in Peru for 41/2 months and then went home and then she was here for 4 months and got super sick and had to go home again. She is probably not coming back out :(
Then Hermana Bryant snuck into MLC to give me a goodbye hug and kiss on the forehead.
She goes home on November 11th.
So does Hermana Kaiser, so i had to say goodbye to her too!
It was just a super sad day...
At the end of MLC the good news is, Elder Fonseca is back in the mission. He went home when I had been in the field like 2 months. And he came back! So thats good....
then saturday Hermana Akre was feeling sick, plus i was super sad. But that night we went to this beautiful baptism for these two little girls that live in Sonoma. Their older brother had been inactive for 6 years. He is active again and got the priesthood and he got to baptize them! It was beautiful!
I cried it was just a gorgeous service!
We sat with Sister Alba the whole time(: She challenged us to set a baptismal date with the Familia Flores that we have been working with for like 3 weeks.
So we are gonna do it!
No I haven't talked to Packer since he left. We are not allowed to email the other missionaries in the mission and we are not allowed to write letters to the elders. so... yeah.
I cant wait for my companions to go home! I CAN EMAIL THEM NEXT MONDAY!
Thats crazy!
Yes still four of us in our apartment. The sisters we live with are like my sisters. the four of us are super close. Were really close.
So The Fonseca Family is a family that Hermana Bryant and I found and taught in January of this year and they got baptized in September. That was like the happiest day of my life.
When I saw Hermana Fernandez at MLC she showed me a video.
It was Carolina Fonseca with her new baby that she just had (cuz she was pregnant when we met her) and she said "Hi Hermana Hardy! We love and miss you!"
And Hermana Fernandez said they ask about me every time she goes over there.
They remember me! I am SO sad I didn't skype into their baptism! I love that family so much!
And then Miguel got baptized when i was in Novato.
And here in Napa we are finding SO many families!
The Flores, the Martinez, and the Torres families are all just so prepared.
Like I said we are gonna set a date with the Flores family for the end of this month so hopefully they will be baptized this month or beginning of December! 
Transfers are next tuesday, we find out where we go this friday!
Hopefully the four of us sisters are staying.
Im pretty sure Elder Sabin is leaving though... :(
Today we sign journals and stuff. Its Hermana Law and Hermana Tracy and Hermana Whitney's last Pday! ahhhhhhh!
Hey love you fam!
Sorry its kind of a scatter brained letter this week haha
I love all the halloween pics! Looks like so much fun!!!
Love always!
Hermana Hardy

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