Monday, June 2, 2014

New Companion!

Ok. So. Wednesday was Transfers. we got our new companion Hermana Kaiser! She is awesome! Thursday I went to Santa Rosa for Leadership training all day. It was really fun to see all my Santa Rosa friends! I rode there with Hermana Tracy and Hermana Wise (two other STLs) but they live in Rhonert Park which is like 30 minutes away from our house, but on the way. So My companions drove me there and then they drove me the rest of the way. On the way home we got permission from President Alba for the Zone Leaders to take me home. So I was alone in a car with two Elders. That was different. hahha But it wasn't too awkward. They were really sweet and offered to take me out to dinner and every thing (Because I missed dinner because the meeting and my companions were at dinner while we were driving home) so anyway.
I love being an STL! so far it has been super fun! And all the meetings we go to my companions come too. (: Mostly I just work really closely with the Zone Leaders and District Leaders so that they know EXACTLY what is going on with the Sisters in our Zone. (It is hard for them because a lot of them don't know how to talk to Sisters hahah its really funny)
anyway, so far there are no bad parts.
I am so pumped for this transfer!
My new companion is awesome and really our whole Zone Is!
But to answer your question. Yes I am here in Novato to stay. I'll be here on Friday.(:
And I thought of something else! If you wanted to send me a new memory card or two, it think it is about time to send this one home. It is super full! haha
Yes I have inherited a few skirts from companions and other sisters in the Zone(:
Yes we have had A LOT of missionaries go home. Mostly for health reasons.
Good luck with the cowgirls and reindeer handling drama! Sounds like fun!
That would be awesome if Aaron Nelson would ride Duchess!
Oh yeah, also this weekend on Sunday we had a stake missionary fireside thingy. So all the missionaries in the stake met together (Which is my Zone and another Zone!) So i got to see more of my friends there! The Novato English Elders had a baptism last saturday that we got to go to! It was beautiful! Brother Radcliffe had been investigating the church for 17 years! He goes to church every sunday with his wife and kids and just randomly decided to get baptized! It was awesome!!!! It was a really really good week.
I got to see lots of friends and had a really good time(:
Today we are planning to go to have a BBQ at the beach!
I can't believe it is already JUNE! I have been out almost 6 months!!!!
But yeah we can pretty much do whatever we want on Pday within mission rules. No horse riding:( or fourwheelers or rock climbing. The Elders go mountain biking a lot. One Zone went and did Laser Tag! Last week was mini golf. Really we are pretty free to try whatever we want.
Anyway I'm gonna try to send you pictures now!
Love you so much mom! I hope your week was good too!
All my love,
Hermana Hardy
P.S. So i tried to not tell anyone it was my birthday, but naturally they all found out. One of our Less Actives, Vicky, is gonna feed us dinner that night(: And the Elders are planning something. Both the Zone Leaders (Elder Sacco and Elder Randall) and my District Leader (Elder Phillips) asked what my favorite type of cake is. Another Member (Mama P) is having us over for a birthday dinner on Wednesday too. So don't worry. I'll be taken care of haha
This is our District. Looking classy in Purple!
From Left to Right
Hermana Kaiser, Hermana Sommerfeld, Hermana Hardy, Elder Phillips, Elder Sabin, Elder Teron, and Elder Jeske!

The green sweater is her new companion.

Yeah huh?? The Elders eat McDonald's like every day for lunch to try to "catch 'em all" and then we all fight each other in the hallways. Its pretty stinkin funny.
It all started because I bought a Happy Meal with the intention of sending my brother's the Pokemon. But now this happened. I have to have a pokemon on me at all times. Just in case Elder Jeske and Elder Phillips start shooting pokemon at us during District Meeting some time hahahahaha 
It's so funny!

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