Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sneaky Miracles

YAY! Mother's Day is this weekend!!!! Gahhhhh!
I am so excited to get to talk to you guys!
Yes, We get to Skype.
It sounds like you guys had quite the opening weekend!!!!(:
Packer is a farm boy! hahahahhaha Wow, driving the tractor and Everything? huh.. maybe he can work out at point this summer too! Get more hours!
I'm glad the Drama from the play is over.. that's too bad:( Lanisha said she liked it on Facebook! Punk! I wish they could just appreciate how hard those kids worked.. they didn't pick it! I remembered that song "You're Nothing Without Me!" Zach and Jarett were singing it around the house last summer when Mr. Harris talked about making this the play. I'm glad they got to do it! I can't wait to see it! I am so proud of both those boys!
I can't believe all those kids graduate so soon! I feel like I just graduated... what day is Graduation?
That is so exciting!!!
YAY JOEY! THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!! ahhhhhh! I love Joey! I am so pumped for him! The CCM is wonderful!!! Yeah Hunter will have to wait, but not as long as me!!! It is all in God's time. I have a SUPER strong testimony of that. He will be there exactly when he needs to be. For those investigators, companions, and with that Mission President for a very specific reason, we won't always understand. Sometimes we do though(:
Wow it sounds so busy on the farm! I think this summer will be the hardest part of my mission haha I will be really TRUNKY and just want to go home and ride horses all summer ahhaha
Man it has been hot here too. This week I was super sick. I think I was sun sick and dehydrated. I felt like I had the flu on Tuesday, Wednesday, and it was really bad on Thursday and Friday. On saturday I was feeling a little bit better.
Ok I have to tell you about Saturday. It was a day full of miracles! The rest of the week was great too, but here we go.
Friday night our Less Actives the Familia Carrillo called us and asked us to meet them at their store. We met Hermana Carrillo and she asked us to help with their Fundraiser for the Young Women on Saturday and we said yes!
So on Saturday morning we went to the church to help with the Zumbathon! It was a miracle that the Carrillos thought of us and then we made smoothies to give out all the time. So then after the Zumbathon that was a great success we saw Elder Jeske and Elder Phillips. We asked how their day was and they told us their adventures.
So about a month ago Elder Phillips bike got stolen, well Saturday morning while on their morning walk the Elders saw a bike with Red Tires. They run over there and see that it has been spray painted silver and covered in Duct Tape. they peeled back the tape.. it was Elder Phillips bike! So they run home and grabbed pliers and a saw and tried to saw this bike lock off with Elder Campbell and Elder Sabin. They called the other Elders and so Elder Evans and Elder Vang showed up with their blow torch. So 6 missionaries in broad daylight stole Elder Phillips bike back and he rode it home. So they were telling us this story. And Elder Jeske bought a brand new rim for his bike that cost $70 Saturday morning too. They loaded the two bikes up and drove to dinner.
We waited for like 20 minutes for the other Hermanas to show up so they could drive us to dinner. We called them and they were running late so we decided to drive ourselves. We are driving on the freeway and we see Elder Jeske's bike on the side of the freeway!!! In the far side of the carpool lane. We called the Elders and they pulled around to go back to get it. We turned around to pick it up before someone ran over it or before it got stolen. We pulled over on the side of the freeway. It was really scary! The car was shaking every time someone drove by. We said a prayer and asked for protection. 3 minutes later Mama P, a member, texted us "How are my girls?"
So we made it out ok. The Elders showed up and got their bike and we all made it to dinner ok.
But Elder Jeske's bike was thrashed. The seat was road rashed. And his brand new rim was destroyed. He has to buy a new one. But now he has no money..:(
So right after dinner Elder Campbell Elder Sabin Hermana Harris and Hermana Sommerfeld and I booked it over to the bike store and parked outside. We called the guy in the store and said "Will you tell the two guys walking up to the store to go away? We are in the parking lot, we will buy a new rim as soon as they leave, just tell them to go!"
So we watched him yell at them and take the tire. They turned around soo heartbroken.
Then they left. We ran inside and bought him a new rim! All together we pitched in 10 bucks each. So the guy called him and said it is all payed for and good to go!
On sunday at church he told us the miracle. He was so confused. It felt good to do an awesome rescue service activity like that!
So yeah!
Sorry if it doesn't make much sense!
I love you guys so much!
Talk to you soon!
Love you!
Love Hermana Hardy! 

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