Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3/14 Week two in the field

So Let me tell you a little bit about my week!
So Saturday was Augustine's baptism! (He is Elder Dunlap and Elder Albertson's first baptism!) It was super nice! The stake president, President Hendrickson came and Presidente Alba came!
So that was cool. Sister Bryant and I sang. (She was a vocal performance major at BYU so she sings awesome and plays like all instruments ahha) And then yesterday was fast sunday! It was amazing! So everyone in the state of California fasted for Rain because Cali is in a drought. There was no rain in the forecast. Sunday morning we woke up, and it was POURING rain!!!
It was a miracle! So cool what the power of prayer and fasting can do! And then Hermana Bryant and I went to all the houses of all our investigators and invited them to church in the rain! I wish I could have got a picture of us. We were SOAKED! missionary work at its finest! Unfortunately yesterday was a Mexican holiday, so a lot of people couldn't come. But Grasiela came!!!! It was the first time the sisters in our zone had gotten a single investigator to come to church in over a transfer! So that was another little miracle for us. We are going to Grasiela's house to teach her tonight and talk to her about church. I hope she loved it!
And then we had a mighty hour of prayer. Every fast sunday all the missionaries in our mission pray. for an entire. hour. I can honestly say I have never done that before, but I cant say it anymore! That was such an awesome spiritual experience! Oh I loved it!
And then for fast sunday dinner we went to Brother Mosing's house. He is a member of the high council. He is white. His kids are VERY blonde. They had "Soup"er Bowl "Sundae". So we had soup for dinner and these HUGE sundaes for dessert. haha it was awesome. Then we had a stake wide meeting (so all the missionaries in our stake and Presidente and Sister Alba met at President Hendricksons house) it was super fun. Except he fed us more ice cream for super bowl sunday... hahaha
So anyway. It has been a great week. I love you all!
I am so glad I have this wonderful opportunity to serve in the BEST mission in the world in the BEST stake in that mission!!! I am loving every second I am here. I have such a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation, Jesus Christ's Atonement, and the hope that we can receive through that... I know this church is true, and that it was restored through a true prophet called of God, Joseph Smith. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today and through him we can receive revelation for our day to combat the opposition of evil.
I am so grateful to serve. I know right now I am developing Christ Like Attributes that will change the rest of my life. I pray every day all my adorable little brothers will choose to serve missions. I know it will bless their lives!
I love you guys so much...
My Spanish is pretty good. I pretty much understand 80% of anything any one says to me. Some times more than that sometimes less. I am not as good at thinking of the vocab before the words come out of my mouth. So I need to practice talking more in Spanish. Yes our branch is completely Spanish speaking. So all the classes are in Spanish. Some of the people we teach only speak Spanish. A lot of the people we meet on the street only speak Spanish. Elder Dunlap is a lot better at me at reading and translate Spanish because his vocabulary is bigger, but in conversation I can understand everything and express myself alright. I just need more practice. I get super frustrated because I break eye contact with people when I'm thinking of what to say next, and then they stop listening to me. If that makes sense. And I also glare at people when I am tired and translating what they are saying haha (like after 7 pm I end up glaring at everybody its pretty bad haha)
So anyway. It will come with time. I just need to be patient with myself and study a lot.
****Parent note*** We got a nice letter from the Mission President this week. It came with a picture of Lauren with her Mission Pres and his wife.

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