Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jan 8, 2014

So today obviously was our Pday and this morning we got to go to the Mexico City Temple visitor Center. It was way cool! And so beautiful!
We really liked it. Unfortunately the store is closed :( so we couldn't buy any cool scripture cases or anything! 
This week was a really good week! I think I am finally getting the hang of this missionary thing. 2 weeks from today I will be IN CALIFORNIA! so pumped. I am really enjoying my time at the CCM though. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna cry when I leave. Mostly because our teachers and district are so awesome. Its ok though, we have already planned a giant reunion party in Utah in 2 years haha
I leave the CCM at 3 am on January 21st. Ill send you my flight schedule next week cuz I want to be able to call you during my layover!
Glad to hear about everything at home. Sounds awesome!
Yes I got everything. Now I just have to figure out how to print it haha thank you.
They gave us water bottles with filters and we only drink out of bottled water fountains if that makes sense.
The first few weeks we were here were off because of Christmas and New years. So we were the "new kids" for like 3 weeks haha but now we have a steady flow of new kids every single week. On Christmas day we had like 180 missionaries here total. We are getting new missionaries every week until we hit max capacity of 900. So around Christmas when new kids came in we totally new everybody so we could spot them really easily. Now it is trickier. Yes we interact with new people. I LOVE making friends with all the new kids. A lot of our Volleyball friends have only been here one or two weeks haha Today we got 120 new American missionaries and yesterday we got 120 Latino missionaries.
Yes we miss google. A lot. A lot of conversations would be ended really quickly if we could just google it. hahaha I used to constantly check my pocket to make sure my phone didn't fall out but that was it haha I wear my watch and my CTR ring everyday!
I think they study the same amount of time, but they spend less time studying spanish and more time studying how to teach. If we were english speaking I would be completely confident going on a mission 2 weeks ago. I understand now why they shortened the time in the MTC. They really don't need it hhaha The Latino missionaries are only here 2 weeks. We had a friend from the Dominic Republic that was super nice, but he talked so fast we couldn't understand him hahaha
. We have some really hard days. But as soon as I changed my attitude and focused on the good things it made it a lot easier. Still are hard days though. My other suggestion for future missionaries is to read Preach My Gospel cover to cover. ESPECIALLY every chapter BUT chapter 3. Chapter 3 is all the lessons and we study those a lot. But the other chapters teach you how to be a better missionary, how to ask questions, how to teach. Its great. We don't spend much time studying those chapters though.
Ok things I wrote down to tell you this week:
(1) We have been studying a lot about how to keep the Sabbath day holy. I am rereading the Old Testament (new years resolution) in Exodus 20:10 it says none shall labor. they "nor thy Cattle" I guess I never noticed that before. Totally applies to us. But I know it is unrealistic that NO ONE work on a farm. So maybe someday haha
(2) Things to buy in Cali> a brown skirt. yoga pants (super comfy i wore my rommates they were awesome) another pair of sweat pants *for pday when i wash all my clothes) and tshirts! 
Also tell Lance to wash his towels before he gets here. Ours shed blue fuzzies on EVERYTHING. hopefully in America it wont be that bad
Anyway, Thats all this week.
Hey I love you! And miss you all! Hope everything is going well!
One more Pday here! Crazy!~We are all really excited to go though.
Ill email you my flight schedule next week!
Love you!
Talk to you next Wednesday!
Hermana Hardy
Playing Volleyball on PDay at the MTC. Lauren in the green shirt.

Riding in a Mercedes bus on the way to the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center.

The whole district at the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center.

At the Visitors Center
A stray cat, they named Ed. Brought it to class to prank the teacher. I asked her how guilty she was in this prank, since she is holding the cat. She said maybe a little, but really she was holding the cat because she is the only one that hasn't been scratched by it.

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