Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jan 2, 21014

This week was a great week! Im glad you liked the pictures! 
This week was so fantastic. So many great lessons with soo many great teachers.  New Years Eve dinner was nice. Mostly we eat Mexican food, but on New Years we got Hamburgers and french fries Mexican style haha so its a little different. Cant drink the water either. It feels like home sometimes except totally not.
Its cold today, only 65. Brrr. hahaha Just kidding. Im not even wearing a coat.
This week my teacher Hermana Leslie gave us an awesome lesson on a talk by Jeffry R Holland called ¨Feed my sheep¨ can you send it to me? That would be awesome! Its a really good one. It talks about how this is a life long mission. About how Peter served the Lord and after his death he went back to fishing, This is a life long mission. I cant go back to fishing any more. I am commited to serve the Lord the best I can for the rest of my life. 
Spanish is going good. We focused a lot more on teaching than on learning spanish this week. So I have learned a lot about being more Christlike and studying the scriptures. I have this scripture journal to keep track of good scriptures that I like. I dont want to lose my spanish! I want to do spanish tunnel singing at BYU and volunteer at the MTC haha hopefully that will help. I LOVE singing hymns in spanish. I feel the spirit so strong. The words never translate exactly. They are so much more meaningful in spanish. I love it. Plus you dont have to think about the words you can just say them! I love it.
I really miss being able to google stuff haha it made conversations so much easier hahaa
Hey I love you guys! I hope everyone is doing well! My class was gonna graduate to the Espanosas class in primary. I miss them. Looked at a cute pic of them today haha
Im glad you got to go to the movies! and sledding! that sounds so fun!
We are kind of öld¨ now. Like week 4. So there is only one group of kids that has been here a week longer than us. Everyone else is gone! So Its fun. We are getting A LOT of new kids. I wish I could be here when lance gets here! 
Also lance will want to bring a pocket sized notebook for writing spanish words and scriptures.
And a nice water bottle. Im on my third! I keep breaking them! Whoops.
I have withdrawn some pesos from an ATM but thats it. Next week we get to go to the Temple Visitor center so Im gonna try to buy some souvenirs there. The little Tienda on campus doesnt have much. They give us a card that only works at the Tienda and give us like $10 a week on it. So we can buy mexican junk food :) we really are doing well. Eating well. Learning a lot.
We study SO MUCH.
Today we get a break... it was really nice. The spirit is with us in our studies so I know I am learning more here than I have any other time in my schooling. Its super cool.
Plus I am getting good at writing in my journal! All the days kind of blend together thought porque all we do is study haha
Today we are gonna try to take a bunch of pics of us playing sandpit volley ball to send next week!
On New Years eve the other Hermanas and I made new years resolutions. Im doing pretty good so far!
Im glad everything is going well!
I love and miss you all!
Have a happy new year!
Hermana Hardy

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