Thursday, January 23, 2014

Greenie in the Mission field! First couple days! 1/23/14

Flights went good. Made it safe. First night here we just met our trainers had orientation and a big dinner with all the new missionaries (5 of us from CCM, and 7 from Provo) and got to meet all our potential trainers. That night we spent the night in a hotel. Yesterday we had more orientation and the big reveal of our trainers! My trainers name is Hermana Bryant! I love her! She is so nice and encouraging and adorable! We almost knew each other at BYU. Im pretty sure I checked her apartment as an RA. She lived in 18 and I live in 17 haha. So in our branch right now there are 6 Elders and then the 2 of us. 8 MISSIONARIES! in one branch! I am currently serving here in Santa Rosa right by the mission home. And GUESS WHAT! Elder Dunlap got assigned to serve in the same branch as me!!!! We were so excited. Elder Despain is in Rount Park (something like that) 30 minutes away. Hermana Hunt is in Lay Valley (20 minutes) Elder Reay is in somewhere else... 40 minutes away. So ill probably see them at transfers.
Also, yesterday was transfer day, so all the missionaries in the whole mission came to the mission home for their new assignments. AND I SAW PACKER! Took a pic with him! Ill send it to you on Pday (Monday) when I have more time.
Sorry again no one called you or anything...
Oh. My. Gosh. I had 5 packages hahahahaha everyone was teasing me. I felt so loved! I love it all! Ive used the wallet, the yoga pants, the sheets, the comforter and Im wearing the skirt today! I love it all! Thank you thank you thank you so much.
So yesterday Hermana Bryant and I went shopping got me unpacked then went to our greenie dinner at a members house. She spoke english which was good. Her name is Suzanna. Elder Albertson and Elder Dunlap met us there, FOR OUR GREENIE DINNER! All the food was green (pasta, salad, squirt) and they made us wear bibs and drink out of sippie cups the whole time. Oh my gosh I was crying I was laughing so hard. So glad he is in my branch so we get to do all this stuff together hahahahaha
Then Suzanna prayed that we would have success, and we had "power hour" which is where we go teach for an hour and it usually turns out really good I guess. So off we went. Presidente Alba challenged all of us greenies to challenge someone to be baptized this week and when we did to text him and then he sends out a group text to the whole mission to hear about it. So Last night we went to Gresielas house, a lady we have never taught before or anything,. She is SO nice and her sister and her daughter and her daughters boyfriend all prayed with us and we taught them a lesson. And I invited Gresiela to be baptized... AND SHE SAID YES! I was the first one to text Presidente Alba so he texted everybody else and then Elder Albertson called us and said Elder Dunlap just invited a whole family to be baptized and they said YES! oh man. It was super excited. Such a great experience! I am so sos ososososososooss SUPER excited to be here in Santa Rosa the most amazing mission ever. I have an awesome companion and awesome branch. Its all fabulous! K off to eat lunch, then teach a bunch of lessons and then we have dinner at a members house tonight. (All 8 of us!) 
Ill email you more and send you pics on Monday.
I love you!
Love Hermana Hardy
P.S. There is like 250 missionaries in the mission. So pretty much everybody knows everybody. English and spanish cross over a lot. 30% of the missionaries are Hermanas. And 30% of the missionaries are spanish. So the spanish missionaries all know each other. Packer just got "banished" (send up north to the oregon border, like Eureka area) so I wont see him for a while. But definitely later in my mission.

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